Project Description

Diversion Counseling Program

The Diversion Counseling Program provides counseling, case management and referral assistance to children, youth and families faced with the threat of homelessness, incarceration/re-incarceration. While most of our current programming addresses teens who are already homeless, runaway, or leading transient lifestyles, the Diversion Counseling Program targets at-risk teens to prevent youth homelessness, incarceration/re-incarceration. Free counseling services are available for individuals, groups, and families (ages 8-24) in the community who are facing family conflict, behavioral/mental problems, engaging in at-risk behavior and are often truant from school. Our goal is to give youth the opportunity to receive help before family and personal problems escalate, which often create circumstances in which teens are likely to run away or resort to live on the streets. Teens who turn to a life on the streets are at greater risk and more susceptible to criminal activity, sexual exploitation, and falling victim to predatory schemes. It is crucial that we reach these youth before their situation turns too dire to bear. Ultimately, intervention at this critical time, before teens feel that living on the streets is the only option, allows us to prevent youth homelessness.

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